11 dic. 2012

Chavez: Always towards life!

Caracas, 10 Dic. AVN.- "Always towards life!," said Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez just before boarding the plane at 1:15 a.m. Monday to travel to Havana, Cuba, to undergo a new surgical intervention.
"Always towards victory. Long life the homeland!," expressed Chavez with great enthusiasm, sending a message of calm to Venezuelans who have supported him ahead this new operation, after some malignant cells were detected in the same area where he had a lesion last year.
The head of state, filled with optimism, said goodbye to his Cabinet ministers, among them, Communication's Ernesto Villegas, Defense's Diego Molero Bellavia as well as vice president Nicolas Maduro and National Assembly Diosdado Cabello.
"I leave for Havana filled with optimism," president told his cabinet. "We are warriors of life, full of light and faith in Christ, in God, in ourselves to continue battling and be victorious," said leader of revolution, reported state-run channel VTV.
Yadira Córdova and Marcos Torres, Ministers for Higher Education and Public Banking respectively, as well as candidate for Miranda governor Elias Jaua, went to see president off at the Simon Bolivar International Airport, to convey him their best wishes for a speedy recovery.
At 1:15 a.m. Monday, Chavez boarded presidential plane accompanied by his daughters, always wearing a big smile on his face.
"Just giving Comandante Chavez a loving embrace, in Maiquetia (Vargas state), I told him: go and return. He said back: Sure, I will return Elias. Amen!!," Jaua posted in @JauaMiranda after president got on the plane.
During all weekend, Venezuela's people has been showing large demonstrations of solidarity, support and wishes for recovery for Socialist leader. Citizens have been gathering in Simon Bolivar squares across the nation to support president.
Furthermore, at midday on Monday, Venezuela local time (GMT -4.5), a twitter campaign will start worldwide to support President Hugo Chavez, under the hash tag #TheWorldSupportsChavez.
The call was made on Sunday by Communication and Information Minister Ernesto Villegas through his twitter account @VillegasPoljakE.