8 oct. 2012


Caracas, 08 Oct. AVN.- The partial and updated results released by the National Electoral Council (CNE), with 94,19 percent of votes counted accurately indicated an overall victory for president Hugo Chavez Frias, with 54,84 percent of votes of electors that participated in the presidential elections of October 7th for period 2013-2019.
According to a report released by CNE, consulted at 8:30 am on Monday, Henrique Capriles obtained 44,55 percent of the votes. This report is based upon the count of 14,610,768 votes as result of assessing 37,078 acts of scrutiny.
On Sunday night, CNE president Tibisay Lucena announced the first bulletin with 90 percent of electoral results which also represented a turnout record of 80,94 percent. It said Hugo Chavez Frias won with 54,42 percent of votes while Henrique Capriles took 44,97 percent.
Lucena said these first partial results were obtained from counting 13,677,934 ballots. Besides, she added that 35,122 acts were assessed and the number of invalid ballots was 273,954 votes.
The CNE president congratulated all voters that came out to vote this Sunday and praised the outstanding work done by the Bolivarian Armed Forces and Plan Republic on the cooperation of processes, as well as by operators of Electoral Power.
AVN 08/10/2012