17 dic. 2012

President Chavez continues favorable recovery in Havana

Caracas, 16 Dic. AVN.- Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez continues a favorable recovery process in Havana, Cuba, after a surgery he underwent last Tuesday, Dec. 11.
Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Jorge Arreaza said the information Sunday in a phone interview broadcast live in television.
"Since the day before yesterday, he started to communicate with us, to give instructions to govern and give instructions which shall be met. He is keeping an eye on Venezuela's situation, keeping an eye on the elections which take place today," Arreaza said.
In addition, the Minister explained that President Chavez counts on different extraordinary medical teams.
"He has two and three professional teams to take care of any situation which may occur. We count on cutting-edge technology," he said.
Though some tense moments arouse during the complicated surgery, Arreaza said, there is now a trend of stabilization.
Finally, Arreaza said that Chavez is fighting a battle "with plenty of love for his people and the Republic."
AVN 16/12/2012