1 oct. 2012

Opposition prepares alleged technical tie scenario to shout fraud

Rnv Web Press / Correo Del Orinoco.
27 Septiembre 2012

Caracas. - The national chief of the Carabobo Campaign Command (CCC), Jorge Rodriguez, denounced on Wednesday that the Venezuelan opposition seeks to shout an alleged technical tie in the final stretch of campaigning, to pronounce for electoral fraud in the presidential elections on next October 7.

This complaint was made by ​​Rodriguez from Falcon State, in a meeting with national and international media, where he presented a brief analysis of recent studies conducted by pollsters such as Datanálisis and Hinterlaces, giving as the winner to the Homeland candidate, Hugo Chavez, with a gap of 16 points over the opposition's candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski.

He clarified that the montage of the right winh has the sole intention of being able to shout for electoral fraud. "The real plan is that right after the incontrovertible results that Chavez wins are announced, they will shout for fraud," he stated.

He urged the opposition sector to stop be thinking that the supposed "hidden vote" will favor Capriles.

"Stop talking about pregnant little birdies, the hidden vote, because you say that in all elections. Let alone the poor hidden vote. You said so in 2006, that the hidden vote would save (Manuel) Rosales (and then Chavez goes and win) 63% to 37%, that the hidden vote is going to make the "No" option triumph at the revoking referendum (and Chávez won) 59% to 41%, "he said.