28 sept. 2012

We're changing the story, we are doing another story in Venezuela

26 Septiembre 2012, 08:03 PM

"We're changing the story, we are doing another story in Venezuela," said Tuesday the President, Hugo Chavez, during the graduation of more than 8,000 new officers of the Bolivarian National Police (PBN), in the Poliedro de Caracas.

On the issue of security said the country should appreciate the effort "we are doing on this issue (citizen security)."

The President addressed the new officers of the PNB and remarked: "You are going to face attacks from people who do not want this to work, but we are going to prove that it works."

He stressed that many things characterize a national police, "one of them is science, and knowledge", in addition to community involvement, which is vital in the action of the new officers of the Bolivarian National Police.

Chavez said that the Bolivarian National Police is not a police for repression, contrary to what happened during the Fourth Republic which used the police to suppress the people and the poor. "Capitalism made the police out for that."

In that sense, he said he was happy because the Bolivarian National Police was born "to accompany the people in building the homeland."

He recalled that the events of February 4 had to happen "because we had to rebel against all the terrible things."

The president announced that in order to strengthen public safety of Venezuelans, the national government built six new headquarters of the National Experimental University of Security (UNES), besides entering the third cohort.

He recalled that only in Revolution were created 22 new universities "and we are building others."

The event was attended by Minister Tarek El Aissami, the Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz, the president of the Supreme Court, Luisa Estela Morales and the Director of the Bolivarian National Police, Luis Fernandez, who accompanied the President and the graduates.