26 ago. 2008

Crucial Week for Bolivia, Constitution

La Paz, Aug 25 (Prensa Latina) The week starting today in Bolivia is cardinal for decisions the government must adopt to face popular sectors" demands and approve through decree a new Political Constitution of the State (CPE).

According to Sacha Llorenti, Vice-Minister for the Coordination with Social Movements, the executive must respond that exigency from the National Coordinator for Change (CONALCAM), arranged Sunday in Cochabamba.

For leaders of the main union groups, the new Constitution, approved in Oruro in December 2007, must also be ratified at a popular survey in 2009.

The CONALCAM, drawing together several popular sectors and the government party Movement Towards Socialism, demanded in a two-day meeting the urgent refoundation of the Andean country.

They requested President Evo Morales to call a national survey through decree.

It also includes electing sub-prefects, departmental councils and the new governors of La Paz and Cochabamba, whose authorities have been revoked in the August 10 referendum, the group stated.

The measure responds to threats from civic committees of the Crescent departments of Tarija, Pando, Beni and Santa Cruz, of closing fuel valves demanding incomes for the return of the Direct Tax on Hydrocarbons (IDH).