3 may. 2012

Minister Maduro calls workers to compare their benefits with labor situation abroad

Caracas, 02 May. AVN.- Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro remarked Tuesday that while workers in Europe and in the United States take labor rights away, in Venezuela has been passed a new law which gives back the achievements stolen by employers with the support of the Government in 1997.
Venezuelans celebrate new law, Europeans battle to hold inalienable rights
"Capitalism is saying the same lie to the peoples to steal the rights they once stole from us," said the Minister, who marched together with the working class to commemorate the International Workers' Day and celebrate vindications brought by the new Labor Law.
The new Organic Labor Law, enacted last Monday by President Hugo Chavez, restores the backdated payment of social benefits, as well as extending the period of security of employment for mothers and fathers, reduction of working hours per week and other measures to ensure stability.
Maduro compared those benefits with actions undertaken by neoliberal governments, which are "even taking away the right to live a house because hundreds of thousands of poor workers in the United States and Europe are losing their homes in hands of a capitalist bank."
"It is happening right now in the capitalism of the North, which they said was the developed capitalism, which was the example we had to follow," Minister Maduro underscored.
Furthermore, he said the Venezuelan people should see the difference between that reality and what happens here in the country, when President Chavez enacted a law that puts us in the vanguard in matters of protection for workers.
Thus, he invited the population to "study the message Commander Chavez said yesterday (Monday) and the Labor Law to accompany him in its development and enforcement."
"Today, we may remind the bullets, strokes with large machetes (used by police officers), teargas bombs and martyrs fell and we may say that today May 1, 2012 the Revolution and having Hugo Chavez Frias as leader and president of our homeland has been worthy it!"
AVN 02/05/2012 11:53