7 jul. 2013

UNASUR: Aggression against Morales sets dangerous precedent internationally

Caracas, 05 Jul. AVN.- The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) condemned Thursday the aggression committed against Bolivian president Evo Morales, whose presidential airplane was ordered not to overfly several European countries last Tuesday.
At a special meeting in Cochabamba, Bolivia, UNASUR also demanded those European countries to give explanations about this situation, estimated a serious precedent in matters of international law.
UNASUR member countries agreed to create a special committee, in charge of foreign ministers of the bloc, aimed at taking precise measures to clarify a situation which violated Evo Morales' immunity.
In the final declaration of the encounter, read by Bolivian foreign minister David Choquehuanca, UNASUR demands the United Nations and other international organizations to speak before the violation of different treaties and the Bolivian President's immunity.
The South American bloc also demanded explanations and an apology on behalf of France, Spain, Portugal and Italy in the face of those events.
These nations prevented Bolivia's presidential airplane from overflying their space on suspicion that it would transport former CIA agent Edward Snowden. This action was estimated by international community an attempt and mistreatment against Bolivian president Evo Morales.
 AVN 05/07/2013 10:58