6 ago. 2011

President of National Assembly, Bolivia's ambassador propose international debate over dollar crisis

Caracas, 03 Ago. AVN .- The ambassador of Bolivia to Venezuela, Jorge Alvarado, and the president of the National Assembly, Fernando Soto Rojas, met this Wednesday to discuss about diverse binational issues and exchange experiences.

In the meeting, they came to the conclusion that South Americana and world countries should organize a debate over the systematic crisis of the US economy, resulting in the weakening dollar, which would bring serious problems to the world.

Alvarado said, in a press conference after the encounter, that Soto Rojas proposed a debate that could start in Latin America and be spread by the world to take actions in the face of the worrying dollar situation and, thus being able to design policies that would help countries to be protected from the effects of US financial collapse.

He said he shared Soto"s opinion and that it is necessary to design measures to ensure dollar crisis will not have a traumatic effect in the region.

Finally, the diplomat sent an invitation to Soto Rojas to attend the act in honor of the Liberator Simon Bolivar that will be held in the Bolivar square, in Caracas, to celebrate the 186 anniversary from Bolivia"s independence.